With his 2 person exhibition, the manager of the gallery of Noodlebärg 23 in Basel surprises his visitors with two entirely different artistic expressions - but likewise fantastic in their execution - where realistic oil painting and abstract glass art stand opposite one another.
Eva Warnke, from nearby Baden in Southwest Germany, has dedicated herself to pure realism after intensive studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and long sojourns in Palermo, Sicily where she has been influenced by the Mediterranean atmosphere. As can be seen in the 50 works shown here, she has truely mastered this style. Demonstrated here exclusively are still-lifes with fruits, bottles and various written documents, realized within to the smallest detail, creating a 3 dimensional effect that is almost touchable. A particular highlight are the examples of carnival themes.
Stefy Plattner, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung 11/3/04