(in alphabetical order)

Nino Aquila (Il Collezionista [monthly magazine], Italy) 1996
Pippo Ardini (La Sicilia [dayly paper], televisione reports and interviews, Italy) 1987-1996
Franco Borelli (America Oggi [dayly paper], USA), 1990
Giovanni Campolmi (introduction for catalogues, televisione and radio reports and interviews RAI, Italy) 1990- 2001
Giovanni Cappuzzo (Telearti [monthly magazine], Italy) 1987
Ottfried Cartellieri (Badische Zeitung [daily paper] and Laudatio, Germany) 1989
Bruno Caruso (introduction of exhibition and catalogue) 1992
Franco Corrado (radio interviews and reports Radio 1 New York, USA) 1989/1990
Nicolò D‘Alessandro (Artisti siciliani nel secondo ‘900, Storia della Sicilia [Sicilian artists of the second ‘900, History of Sicily], Italy) 2001
Paolo A.Di Martino (introduction of catalogue, Italy) 1989
Fabiani, (introduction of catalogue, Italy) 1988
Giorgio Falossi, (introduction of catalogue and exhibitions, Telearti [monthly magazine], Italy, 1987/1988
Grieseldis Fleming (introduction of exhibition, Telearti [monthly magazine], Italy) 1990
Alberto Forti (introduction of exhibitions, America Oggi [daily paper] USA, Telearti, [monthly Magazine], Italy) 1987-1992
Sassa Franke (Südkurier [daily paper], Germany) 1990
Roswitha Frey (Badische Zeitung [daily paper], Germany) 1990
Volker Froese (Südkurier [daily paper], Germany) 2000
Hans Detlef Klimas (Der Künstler [monthly magazine], Germany) 1988-1992
Stephan Koller (Nordamerikanische Wochenpost [weekly paper], USA) 1991
Ursula Lichtblau (IBM Nachrichten [monthly magazine], Germania/USA) 1989
Vito Linares (Il Vomero [daily paper], Italy) 1996
Patricia Montbrun (radio reports and Laudationes, Germany) 1990-2001
Sven Panten (Der Künstler [monthly magazine]) 1989-1991
Stefan Pichler (Badische Zeitung and Südkurier [daily papers] Germany) 2006
Luca Rigoni (televisione report RAI Corporation N.Y., USA) 1990
Stefy Plattner (basellandschaftliche Zeitung [daily paper]) 2004
Jürgen Scharf (Südkurier [daily paper], Germany) 1990
Giuseppe Selvaggi (Giornale D‘Italia [daily paper], Italy) 1989
Bodo Specht (Südkurier [daily paper], Germany) 1994
Dimitri Strazzeri ( Giornale di Sicilia [daily paper], Italy) 1992
Eckhard Strub (Laudatio, Germany) 2000
Emilia Valenza (Giornale di Sicilia [daily paper], Italy) 1990