“At last someone who really knows how to paint!”. This instinctive exclamation by a visitor can doubtless be understood. After so many “modern” experiments, which sometimes run out in pure psychic wilderness, the realistic painting of Eva Warnke is a real pleasure for the eye. Because she actually is an artist who is master of a superior and magisterial art and who still shows a painting in the real and traditional sense of the word: a precise imagine of nature.
From this point of view, Eva Warnke’s paintings, which are now exhibited in Bad Säckingen, are not perhaps the latest fashion on the art market. But they are something much more precious, lasting, timeless: they are good, serious and beautiful.
It is astonishing to see how much can the spectator enjoy himself seeing how an artist is able to portray a glass, a cloth, the drape of an overcoat or simply some fruit, which are depictions so realistic and deceptive to the eye as Eva Warnke can do. In the meantime the concept of “realism” is quite too limited to define her painting. What Eva Warnke fixes is a peculiar world, which sometimes aims to fantastic realism. However the painter never falls into the trap of exaggerated mannerism, the way Italians love, or of hyper-realism, the way American pop-art knows. There is always a remnant of imaginary painting, a mysterious poetry of things...
And for sure painting of such a chromatic brightness and intensity could only arise under the Sicilian sun. The meridional light, the deep colours, but the innumerable Sicilian motifs and symbols too, have affected the painting of Eva Warnke.

from „Badische Zeitung“, 14-3-1990