Eva Warnke shows her works until October 28th in an exhibition in Görwihl

Her paintings are at the same time surrealistic, romantic and bright. When E. W. holds a paintbrush she gives birth to exciting works. It is not so easy to understand what E. W. from Palermo shows from 15 to 28 October in the ARTratHAUS in Görwihl.
Nevertheless, even a untrained eye finds an access to her paintings, because the scenes with the trees growing from clouds, with the cloth rising from water like a glacier with a Coca-cola can near a scrawled telephone number are enchanting. It is difficult to look away from these oil paintings.
E. W. shows her paintings from the 1990s to the 2000, some of which have not been shown for a long time. Never in Germany. They belong to her surrealistic period, 1992-1995, the bright coloured works, now exposed in Görwihl, in which often recur the same symbols. The scenes are so realistically painted that you can think they are photographs of crazy dreams.
After the artist, whose parents live in Görwihl, met in 1995 the great masters in “trompe-l’oeil” in Paris, she decided to face the challenge to take this difficult painting again. During the years her art has developed more and more in this genre, today she can be counted among the best....

From "Südkurier", 16/9/2000